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well its officially been more than 24 hrs since the bombshell has been dropped and i must say i feeling pretty crap. it was dreadful night last nite… but i survived (somehow) and yeh we will see how i will go.

and it was ridiculously intense at work today… for once we didn’t care how much work we had to do. we didnt care if we didnt make the target… what are they going to do? fire us again???  a lot of sore heads came in today.. not everyone did too well… its hard. and i must point out to all.. i know its just a job and we’re all bound to keep going on with our lives (probably for the better) but the saddest thing of all is that we have become like a family. our team just worked so well together as friends and workmates!! thats the saddest thing for me. i’ve lost my second family! i know that we will keep in contact but unfortunately we all know that things will never be the same again. thats my biggest heartache. this part of the journey has ended… plenty more awaits… but let me have time to recover from this first.

so sorry for all my friends out there that i am supposed to catch up wit, i am not the cheery hannah, i have lost my smile for the time being. i will be back up and running in a couple of weeks. just bear with me on this one.

until the next day. peace out.


Hi guys, long time no write, but so much has been going on that been flat out. But i got big news to let you all know. today at 11:30am all of our team in telstra and a couple other teams were called into the conference room. we knew that something big was going to be announced… but never what i expected… i started to worry a bit when i saw a big manager from over east… but anyways… we all sat down, he started the usual speech how good performance had been… and then told us telstra was making a few restructures… and our entire center was no longer required. we were officially redundant. now that was a blow to the head wasnt it??? we were all stunned, as seriously no one expected the news to be this bad.

so anyways i have a few months left at telstra unless i reapply for another position either here or interstate. thats basically all thats happening in my world from today.

peace out.

ps. any jobs out there???


finally watched the third sequel. not bad, not bad. i would rate it a 3 and a half out of 5 stars. the parts that were great were super great!!! loved the fighting scenes, but the parts that were bad.. whoa they were real bad!! i cant believe spiderman becomes emo!!! whoa whats this world coming to??? i mean the black hair, dark eyeliner, black clothing.. attitude… yep totally emo. i was just waiting for them to draw a tear drop on his cheek or something and he would have been set!!

dont want to spoil it for anyone but its prob not as good as the other two. but its not bad! go and check it out and let me know what u think!


Sorry for whinging again. those who c me often prob hear me comment bout a particular guy i work with. and unfortunately i need to vent it out and complain. i think i am becoming him!!! yikes!

well hes like 36 yo, just met someone and getting married. totally normal.but since he has popped the question, i have not heard one single positive comment bout the wedding. its all about how much he has to plan (which is nothing, his fiancee does it all) and the sore point is how much MONEY is being spent! look i do not have a prob wit him & the whole wedding thingy… congrats to him. its the making it seem like its the end of the world, and how hes like the only one with probs!!! i want to strangle him sometimes! its a good thing he is doing stuff by helping his missus with the preparations… but if i have to put up with it, i dont think so!

so fri i had a fight with him (number 8279 for the day) i totally agree weddings can become expensive, which is why ppl should plan according to a budget… but he thinks everything and EVERYTHING is a waste of time & money!!! he was complaining bout the cost of the wedding cake. he states its like just a few eggs and some flour!! he could not justify paying for something that is nothing anyways. he was making such  big deal that i walked out of my pod and went for a walk. when i came he was still going on about it.. it had been about 45 mins!!! geez the guy just does not know when to stop! he then said out loud “i better not talk about weddings no more, cause someone is going to kill me!!” of course directing the comment to me. i kept my cool and ignored him, but he was not happy with that response… he said it again. i couldnt handle it no more. i turned around and told him to get a life!  and said i had no probs him talking bout his wedding just stop complaining and talk about something positive for once! wow he spat the dummy at me. oh wells. i walked off again. laughing to myself.

my conclusion for today is some kids never grow up do they???? 

PS. the crazy thing bout the whole complaint thing with the cost of the wedding cake.. he wasnt even paying for it. his to-be mother in law is paying. the dude is like complaining like theres no tomorrow and its not even coming out of his own pocket!!! wow is all i can say!


OK everyone, i am totally freaking out!!! Its unbelievable but true, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane tickets to GNR are completely sold out! Now they’re putting on an extra show in Sydney and Melb! Are absolutely cool is that??? And i checked majority of ticket outlets in perth and they are sold out! I am so happy i was able to get gold tickets yesterday! Phew!!! I am now like so super excited!!! this concert is totally going to go off! Stay tuned!


Hmmm… Totally bombed out on my tippings this week! Dammit. I should have had more faith in the Dockers!
But its hard as they haven’t won one game (til last week) and they were the away team!
Oh wells thats what i get for not being loyal to the West Australian team… well the other one anyways!
So this week, i got 3 right in two tippings and a whole zero right for the other one!!!
So i have dropped back, almost bottom of the tippings for one of them.. and the other two just dropped
back down heaps! arrgg!!! we’ll see how i go this week… i have tipped the wa teams this time..
both of them! Stay Tuned!


Guns N Roses

Its official, I am officially going to see Guns and Roses live!!! yes i will be seeing Axel!!!
Woo Hoo!! Lisa and I are absolutely over the moon to be going and hopefully we got kick ass seats!
I grew up listening to sweet child o’ mine! Yayness i cant wait!



Happy birthday to the other 2 female in my immediate family! I cannot believe that they both have the same birthday. what a great (or not so great) birthday pressie for my mother! she now has double reason to celebrate the 20th April… her own birthday and the birth of her baby daughter!

And i just cant believe my Lil sis is 16!! damn she acts like shes 50! only kidding she acts like shes 5… OK seriously shes a wicked kid and shes definitely cool.. seeing shes related to me(!) it was like yesterday when i was holding her in Osborne Park hospital and now its more like she holds me!

anyways happy birthday to you both, love u heaps and heaps!

PS. its not til the 20Th April, but i don’t think i will have time to post a message up on the day. as Sandy the dag would say its her birthday eve!


Footy tipping time again. I almost forgot all about it all today! Oops, i could have lost my good placing in the tippings!

we i admit this round has been a bit confusing, most of the teams opposing each other are about the same strength, so it was a give or take circumstance. oh well either way fingers crossed that our two west aussie teams make it a trimph especially since Dockers have not won one game since the season started. Fingers crossed for them.

And also to my boys the eagles, they make me proud! i am getting really angry with all their negative publicity, it seems when ur at the top ppl always trying to bring u down. well either way wicked derby game, we came out on top and thats the way its going to be. stay tuned for another weekend of footy! meat pie and sauce coming right up!






Its one week ago that lil Joobie turned ONE!!! On 8th April. Khoa and i still cant believe it and this time about this time last year one week ago Khoa was trying not to breathe when he was holding Julian!

Well one year on and hes walking and talking and even farting on Khoa (!) Just want to say a very happy first birthday to you Joobs and hope u enjoy these pics! Cant wait to celebrate many more birthdays wit u!